The HIM co-op is divided into two session each year (fall and spring) and each session runs for approximately 10 weeks. Classes vary by year/session and meet on Wednesday mornings in Marysville. Most co-op classes include a supply list and require a fee to participate, and there is also a per family building fee for each session. In order to register and participate in co-op families must be current HIM members and have at least one student in kindergarten or above. The co-op is not a drop off program and at least one parent is required to stay and help/volunteer during the co-op day. (Note that co-op classes may fill to capacity at which point families will be placed on a wait list.)

Please see our Co-op Frequently Asked Questions here.

If you have additional questions regarding co-op or registration please email us at

2017-18 CO-OP YEAR

Registration for the fall 2017-18 Co-op session has closed. Spring session classes are near full, but a one day registration for spring may occur in October as availability allows.

Class offerings are as follows:

Grades 9-12: Writing & Composition (fall prerequisite for spring), Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation

Grades 6-8: Personal Finance, Mock Trial

Grades 3-5: Art, Spanish, Cooking, Young Authors, Recorder

Grades K-2: Science, Music, Lego

Pre-K: Preschool Fun

Nursery and Toddler classes available for children whose sibling(s) and parent are participating in co-op.